About the Artist:

Margaret Stevens spent many childhood summers on the outer reaches of Cape Cod surrounded by the ambiance of the seaside. Years later when she moved to the Cape along with her five daughters, she was inspired to take up painting to capture the beauty of the hidden coves, the windswept dunes and the ever changing energy of the sea.

Margaret was graduated with a BS in Education from the University of Massachusetts Teacher’s College in Lowell and worked as a mediator for Cape Cod Dispute Resolution, Cape Cod Human Services and the Department of Justice in Cuba.

Her art education includes classes in life drawing, watercolor, plein-aire and oil painting. She is a member of several artist groups, has won many local art awards and her works have been displayed in several galleries throughout Cape Cod and other areas of Massachusetts. Several of her works have been purchased by art lovers from Cornwall, England; Padua, Italy; and Tokyo, Japan.

Margaret has painted in many far-flung places around the world such as Spain, France and Central America. Her many travels have broadened her artistic horizons, but she came to realize that all the inspiration she needed could be found close to home on her beloved Cape Cod.